Baton Rouge Police Caught Doing What?!

by Apr 16, 2018News

Baton Rouge Police In The News

Two officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department were recently caught on camera doing the unthinkable. Corporals James Rowe and Hue Pham were responding to a call about a woman that was down near a bus stop at 5pm on Saturday, January 13th, 2018 – and they had no idea they were being filmed.

Caught In The Act

If you spend a whole lot of time on social media, chances are you’ve seen articles and videos protesting the actions of police and law enforcement from across the country. But for the Baton Rouge Police Department, the response to their actions have been overwhelming.

For 20 year old Kevin Brown, his view of the Baton Rouge Police Department (and law enforcement in general) was forever changed by a video that his sister captured.

The video shows Corporal James Rowe and Corporal Hue Pham of the Baton Rouge Police department buying a hot meal for a middle-aged woman at the intersection of Airline Highway and Tom Drive.

Baton Rouge Police Officers Protect and Serve

“They called and said a woman was down by a bus stop, so they didn’t know if she was responsive or not,” said Rowe.

“She didn’t have any shoes on, socks were wet, wrapped in a blanket,” added Pham. “You could kind of say she was an older lady.”

Not only did these officers buy her a hot meal, but they went above beyond when they took it upon themselves to buy her some dry clothes, clean socks, and put her up in a hotel room for a few nights.

Watch the entire video here.