Welcome To Bridge The Blue

by Mar 7, 2018Announcements

Welcome To Bridge The Blue News And Announcements!

Here we’ll share press releases, recent news, announcements, and upcoming events with Bridge The Blue. We’ll also provide tools and resources for everyone that would like to become a bridge in their community and show public support for law enforcement.


Bridge The Blue: Together, We Can Be A Bridge

Have you ever imagined what this country would look like without law enforcement? Thankfully, that’s not the world we live in…yet. But it appears are nation is at a crossroads. Over the years, social media has become a tool that has been used to create a narrative that has been detrimental to law enforcement. Today, 86% of police officers say their jobs are harder due to public perception; department shortages plague our nation, and public support is at an all time low. This is why we started Bridge The Blue! We are a non-profit community that is obsessed with rewriting the narrative. The very heartbeat of our organization is to be a bridge and help improve the relationships between law enforcement and our local communities.


Will You Become A Bridge?

We know that we cannot do this alone. A movement of this magnitude requires significant resources. From volunteer opportunities to corporate sponsorships, we have something for everyone who wants to become a bridge.

Join the conversation on social media! Together, we can make America safe again.