June, 25 2022

Fundraiser: Lone Star Whiskey & Hooch Tasting Benefit


A Prohibition-Themed Texas Whiskey Tasting Benefit for Law Enforcement


About this event

Speakeasies, Texas Whiskey, and Supporting Law Enforcement

During prohibition, Speakeasies were the place to be when you wanted to have a good time! Whether you just love good Texas whiskey or are looking to do something different for date night, this is a party you’re not going to want to miss!


About Bridge The Blue

Bridge The Blue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our local communities.

In addition to purchasing critical resources that include ballistics vests and other duty gear for under-funded departments, Bridge The Blue also hosts community engagement initiatives designed to awaken the silent majority and unite people and police.

Through various educational outreach programs, Bridge The Blue has a heavy focus on positive youth and officer interactions.

Profits from this event will benefit Bridge The Blue’s programs.


Seating Times & Tickets

There will be 3 seating times on Saturday, June 25, 2022

Early Bird: 2pm – 4pm

  • General Admission: $100
  • Limited Seating

Matinee: 5pm – 7pm

  • General Admission: $175
  • Limited Seating

Night Owl: 8pm – 10pm

  • General Admission: $175
  • Limited Seating


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