Together, we can make
America safe again

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Our Heartbeat

Bridge The Blue was founded in 2017
with one sole purpose:

To make America safe again.

How We Do It

Community Engagement

From community events with
local departments to our Nationwide
Rallies, our community outreach
initiatives are designed to awaken the
silent majority & unite cops and

Family Crisis Assist

When an officer is injured in the line of
duty, “benefits” don’t cover the financial
and emotional trauma that follows. And
so through this initiative, we can help
bridge the gap both financially &

Department Boost

While some may want to defund the
police, we know that most LEO agencies
are already underfunded, lack resources,
& many officers are paid fast-food wages.
If we want things to change, we have to
bridge that gap

The Dilemma

Our nation is at a crossroads.
A large chasm exists between law enforcement
and the people they protect and serve. Not only do
police shortages plague our nation, but public
perception is at an all-time low.

More than 8 in 10 officers say the
public does not understand the risks and challenges
of their jobs, and a similar number say their
departments are understaffed.


of officers say their jobs are harder today due to public perception


of officers expressed concerns about their own personal safety


of officers are reluctant to use force even when it is necessary

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