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Defend Truth. Be Vocal. Stand United.

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Make America Safe Again.

Meet The Founder

Troy Skeen

A family man, Troy Skeen has been married to his wife Charity for over 21 years. Troy considers himself to be very blessed with four children, two grandchildren, and a total of 19 other kids that have lived in their home over the years.

Troy’s career began in the Army and then transitioned into law enforcement, where he served as a police officer and a deputy sheriff. He has also volunteered at local fire departments as a Fire Engineer and Ambulance Driver.

As an entrepreneur, Troy successfully built a medical office and directed a childcare agency. Over the years, Troy has traveled the world training leaders and entrepreneurs.

Today, he currently owns and runs three profitable companies.

Thankful for the success the Lord had blessed him with, Troy wanted to do more; he believed he was blessed to be a blessing and wanted to give back. So he and his family began doing humanitarian work in remote, 3rd world areas, which ultimately gave him a new perspective on the world.

Today, Troy’s greatest motivation is his love for people, his country, and his community. Recently Troy and his wife, Charity, were chosen by area leaders to be honored with a prestigious award set aside for people that have some of the greatest impacts on the community.

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